Engine Swaps

If you are thinking about, or already have, swapped the engine in your vehicle and want to use the factory controller, MoPower Calibrations can reprogram your existing PCM to work with the new motor. We offer this service for Dodge and Chrysler 2.0l, 2.4l, 2.7l, 3.5l, 3.6l, 5.7l, 6.1l, 6.4l, even 426 'Stroker' motors.

If you have the factory PCM from the donor vehicle, you may want to look into MoPower Calibrations' other VIN/SKIM service to make the PCM match your existing vehicle.

Some common swaps we have helped with:

  • Magnum 2.7L to 3.5L 
  • Charger/Challenger 5.7 to 6.1
  • Charger/Challenger 5.7 to 6.4

2007 - 2010 2.7L to 3.5L Engine Swap Performance Calibration
2007 - 2010 5.7L to 6.1L Engine Swap Performance Calibration
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